Friday, 5 April 2013

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday we took a day trip to London, along with over 10,000 postcards that we have collected in support of our SmokeOff campaign! We had twenty bags of postcards with us that we took by train, tube and taxi to the offices of OFCOM near London Bridge. We asked at reception if they would mind giving the letter we had written to the CEO and if we would leave our postcards for him. The receptionist said that was fine but we don't think she had realised just how many postcards we would be leaving! By the time we had finished putting the postcards on her desk you couldn't see her any more as she was hidden by them!

We explained in our letter to the CEO that we would like OFCOM to follow their own guidelines and stop showing programmes that contain smoking before the watershed so that children are not influenced by what they are watching.

We await his response!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign!


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