Tuesday, 26 August 2014

This has been such a busy summer for us! We are right in the middle of planning our new campaign that will be launched in the autumn. We have been getting together as much as possible and have now got our new logo ready to go, have been working on some radio activity and have been writing our campaign literature. As part of the new campaign we carried out some vox pops in Liverpool City Centre last week to ask people about the new campaign subject matter (that will be revealed soon) and it was great to see that most people have an opinion that is similar ours!

On Friday we are going to take a trip to Manchester to deliver the postcards that we collected in support of our Smokeoff Campaign. We have 10,000 postcards signed by the public in favour of Coronation Street and Eastenders removing smoking images before the watershed. We shall be taking these, along with a letter explaining why we chose to collect the postcards and what the campaign is about, to Granada in the hope that Coronation Street and Granada TV will think about what the impact that smoking imagery can have on young people.

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