Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year!

2014 was a really busy year for us that saw not only the taking of our SmokeOff campaign to the Coronation Street and Eastenders HQs but also the launch of our SmokeFree Cars campaign in Liverpool City Centre in October.

Our SmokeFree cars campaign highlights the dangers of smoking with children in the car as around 185,000 children are exposed to cigarette smoke in their family cars 'every day or on most days'. Children have smaller lungs, faster breathing rates and less developed immune systems, which makes them more susceptible to respiratory and ear infections triggered by smoking. In the confined space of a car, smoke density can build up very quickly to dangerous levels, even with the window open.

As well as writing our campaign literature and designing our campaign creative we also wrote and recorded our own radio infomercial that was played throughout half term on Radio City!

2015 is going to be another busy one starting with a new campaign in the pipeline that we will be launching in February!

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