Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Launch of our new shisha campaign

Today we launched our new shisha campaign in Liverpool City Centre to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking shisha.

Smoking flavoured shisha tobacco using Hookah waterpipes has become increasingly popular in Liverpool.  It's also particularly prevalent in middle eastern communities where it is a traditional past time.

However many people don't realise that smoking flavoured shisha in a waterpipe is harmful at all, but shisha is a tobacco, it does contain nicotine and it's extremely harmful to health potentially leading to everything from heart disease to cancer. Smoking shisha with a Hookah pipe is about 100 times more harmful than one cigarette.

Hookah pipes are also known to carry additional risks as the mouthpieces aren't cleaned often and as a result users can catch the like of herpes and tuberculosis simply buy using a waterpipe.

Hookah pipes and smoking shisha has become particularly popular in the Liverpool night scene and bar culture, however smoking shisha is illegal in enclosed or substantially enclosed public spaces and if caught you can face a fine of between £50 and £200.

Today was great as lots of people came over to talk to us and many didn't realise the dangers of smoking shisha. Lots of parents and their children were very interested in our literature!

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