Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Young people to open their own marketing agency - Business News - LDP Business

Young people to open their own marketing agency - Business News - LDP Business

Campaign group D-MYST is recruiting 15 young people to run their own marketing agency and create their own anti-smoking campaigns.

The “virtual agency”, D-MYST, will open in September and will offer people aged between 11 and 19 the chance to work with marketing and design experts over six months.

The initiatives will build on the work that anti-smoking group D-MYST has carried out over the past five years.

D-MYST is planning two campaigns for over the winter. Instead of handing the creative side of the campaigns entirely to marketing agencies, it wants young people to help decide strategy, plan advertising and PR campaigns, and design some publicity material.

The group now wants young people who live or go to school or college in Liverpool to apply to take part in the scheme. Fifteen places are available.

Programme manager Helen Casstles said: “D-MYST has always been run by young people for young people, so we decided we should get them totally involved in the execution of the campaigns.

“By setting up their own agency within an agency, they can also get real hands-on work experience in an exciting environment.”

D-MYST – the Agency will be based in the offices of marketing company Kenyon Fraser, in Rodney Street. The young people involved will be able to work with Kenyon Fraser staff and use the agency’s studio.

Lorna Young, the Kenyon Fraser account manager who will be co-ordinating D-MYST’s work, said: “We have worked with D-MYST since it started, and the young people have always had very clear ideas about how they want campaigns to run. Giving them their own studio means they can have real input at every stage, in an authentic setting.”

Young people who want to take part in the project can email Ms Young with their thoughts about their favourite advert and why they like it. The entry can be submitted in any format, including in writing or on video.

Contact lorna@kenyons.co.uk

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